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adapting to climate change

Building resilience and responding to a changing climate

Scotland's climate has changed significantly over the last 50 years. Summers are becoming drier, winters wetter and we are having more heavy rainfall events. This affects many aspects of our lives. Adapting to the changing climate is a continuous process.

ClimateXChange is focused particularly on Government policies that enable Scotland to become more resilient to the changing climate in agriculture, biodiversity, forestry and the built environment. We provided evidence and advice that underpins elements of Scotland's Climate Change Adaptation Programme (SCCAP).

The SCCAP sets out Scottish Ministers objectives, policies and proposals to tackle the climate change impacts identified for Scotland in the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment.

UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 Evidence Report 

The Committee on Climate Change has published their evidence report for the 2017 climate change risk assessment. The report sets out the urgent need for action to adapt to the risks from a changing climate.
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Projects in Adapting to climate change 

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