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Knowledge exchange

One of our tasks is to develop new ways of delivering information and advice into the policy process. An important part of this is to look at how we can facilitate conversations between academia, policy makers and practitioners on a range of issues. We aim to create a dialogue, exchanging knowledge in both directions.

Our knowledge exchange work takes a variety of forms, from workshops and seminars to introducing new tools and techniques. Read our Knowledge Exchange Model report so see how this work has developed. Below are some examples of what we are involved in.

We are supporting policy analysis and development to encourage low carbon behaviour change. This involves a range of stakeholders and using the ISM tool.  We deliver targeted workshops that take a specific behaviour, considers the range of factors that influence that behaviour and works through the policy options to find ways to encourage maximum uptake.  Examples of areas we have been involved in include: active travel – walking as an alternative to using the car for short trips.

Another example is our work on demonstration sites for adaptation. This work creates a portfolio of on-the ground examples and is also important in giving policy makers feedback from practical projects.

On energy we are working on a range of issues from testing engagement techniques to mapping data availability and data gaps. On this last topic, we held a roundtable bringing together a range of people and organisations to provide insights to deepen the Scottish Government’s understanding of energy efficiency across the economy.

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