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Call down service

The call-down service provides policy makers with robust scientific evidence and professional opinion in response to specific enquiries. Researchers and the CXC secretariat work together to respond rapidly, with high quality and targeted academic briefings.

All material from our experts is reviewed and signed off for quality, accuracy and clarity by CXC's Directors.

It is essential that our call down service responses meet policy teams' requirements. We obtain feedback from policy teams on their view of the suitability of responses and the uses to which they are put. This feedback is used to improve the service on a continuing basis.

Our innovative way of working depends on good communication and understanding of needs and capabilities between policy teams and researchers.

Who can make an enquiry?

We work primarily for the policy teams within the Scottish Government. Central agencies like SEPA and SNH also use our services.

We are not able to respond to queries directly from local authorities or from the private sector.

Contact Ragne Low in the Secretariat for more information.

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