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Annual Meeting

ClimateXChange’s Annual Meeting is a chance for our members, who work at 16 different higher education and research institutions across Scotland, to catch up and discuss initiatives and projects across our portfolio.

Annual meeting 2014

Our Annual Meeting 2015 focused on showcasing the breath of projects the Centre is involved in after nearly 5 years in operation. 

Sessions covered policy portfolios where we have a range of projects, like climate change adaptation indicators, energy generation and efficiency, and land use, forestry, agricuture and peatlands

Download presentations using the links below.

Read reflections on CXC's science-policy model from an on-going PhD study presented to the Annual Meeting here

Read about the 2014 Annual Meeting here


Andy Kerr, CXC Policy Director

Parallel session 1:


Session chair: John Rowan


Parallel sessions 1:


Session chair: Mark Winskel (Edinburgh and UKERC)

Parallel session 2:


Session chair: Jillian Anable

Parallel session 2:


Session chair: Eileen Wall

Parallel session 3:

Economics and behavioural insights

Session chair: Dominic Moran


Parallel session 3:

Transitions to the future

Session chair: Robin Matthews


Keynote address: Jim Watson, UK Energy Research Centre Director and Professor of Energy Policy at SPRU, University of Sussex


Closing comments – day 1

Pete Smith, CXC Science Director

Parallel session 4:

Woodland expansion and forestry

Session chair: Mike Perks

  • Keith Matthews (JHI) ‘Analysis of the net change in carbon stocks from future forestry planting in Scotland’
  • Mike Perks (Forest Research) / Jose Rojas (exJHI). ‘Impacts of onshore turbines: forest losses and net climate benefit’
  • Maida Ballarini (FC Scotland)‘Policy perspectives: woodland expansion in Scotland _ opportunities and constraints'

Parallel session 4:


Session chair: Keith Bell (Strathclyde and UKERC)

Parallel session 5:


Session chair: John Rowan

Parallel session 5:

Land use & Peatlands

Session chair: Steve Chapman


Closing comments Day 2

Pete Smith & Andy Kerr

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